8 Best Credit Cards in India 2020

8 Best Credit Cards in India 2020

There was a time when transactions were done in cash. But nowadays, due to technology, human beings are able to change this mode of transaction. Nowadays, people have changed the transaction system from cash to credit cards, debit cards, and other modes. Credit cards are being used more widely because it is easier to carry compared to money in hand. Also, Credit cards help us to make transactions in thousands and lakhs in just a few seconds. Credit cards provide us with extra security; For example, for transactions to be made by credit cards, a pin is required. 

Best credit cards in india

Cashback credit card

1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

This credit card is nowadays, gaining popularity. It is gaining too much hype because of its fancy name.

Cashback facility

 By using this card, You get a 5% cashback.

• Big Bazaar

• Reliance Fresh

• Food Bazaar

Reward points

You also get 5X reward points on the categories listed below:-

• Hotels

• Dining

• Fuel

• Airline ticket reservations

Generic Offers on Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card

  • Enjoy Rs. 2000 worth BookMyShow vouchers on your 1st spend within first 90 days
  • Renewal Fee waived on spends greater than Rs. 1,20,000 in the Year
  • Get a 12% discount on hotel booking.
  • Get an instant discount of INR 500 on minimum spends of INR 3,000 for one-way trips and INR 1,000 discount on minimum spends of INR 5,000 for round trips. Offer valid every Thursday till 20 Feb 2020.
  • Instant discount of INR 1000 on domestic flight bookings on the Yatra app. Offer valid every Sunday till 23 Feb 2020 together with your Standard Chartered debit or MasterCard. Offer valid on minimum spends of INR 6,000.
  • Get up to Rs 1,000 instant discount at Yatra.
  • Get 25% off, up to INR 150 on INOX movie tickets with Standard Chartered credit or debit cards during the weekends. Offer valid on two transactions per month, till 11 Nov 2020.
  • Enjoy up to 15% off on restaurants abroad. Offer valid till 31 Aug 2020.

2. American Express Membership Rewards Card

The American Express Card states that it is free for the first month of usage. This is one of the reasons that this card is gaining a lot of popularity.

Features of the card

Some of the features of this card that has gained trust from the card users are:-

• American Express Offers: American Express has been offering bonus points and spends based offers for its members for many years now, but last year, American Express consolidated its offers and started to put them on the website. Many offers are on at the instant, as an example, the Flipkart and Amazon 10% Cashback, Uber ride cashback, and more.

• Membership Rewards earning: American Express Membership Rewards points are very popular as a currency for miles and points earners, given the ability to transfer to nine frequent flyer programs and two hotel programs. Just like many other base-level cards, American Express offers one MR for each INR 50 spent on the cardboard, excluding spending on Fuel, Insurance, Utilities, and Cash Transactions.

• 1000 Bonus Membership Rewards every month: The card offers you 1000 bonus Membership Rewards every month, simply for making at least 4 transactions worth INR 1,000 every month. That makes it 12,960 Membership Rewards in no time, assuming you simply spent INR 1000 x 4 monthly for 12 months.

Travel Credit card

3. Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Credit Card


 This card is preferred because it provides us with the highest cashback of any card on travel. The card offers 10% cashback on travel. But this card has its own cons; this card can’t be used anywhere else, it can only be used in travel.

 Age Limit

The card prohibits the user who is below the age of 21. And the annual fee of this card is INR 499. Benefits provided by this are that it is a fee waiver on flight cancellation on Yatra.

4. American Express Platinum Travel Card

Nowadays, American Express Platinum Travelcard is also being used widely.

Welcome facility

 The card welcomes the user with INR 4000 worth indigo vouchers. On the scale of 5, this card is rated 4.5.

Rewards and Offers

 Through the facility of this card, we get milestone rewards on travelling. We also earn 1 reward point on every Rs.50 spent on all transactions except fuel, cash, and utility payments. The most liked benefit of this card facility is that frequent users are given four complimentary airport lounges visits per year. American Express Platinum card has overtaken the preference of people compared to Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum Card.

Fuel Credit card

5. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

From the category of Fuel, here comes another type of card; Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium credit card.

 Cashback facility

The card offers a 5% cashback on the items listed below:-

  • Fuel
  • Telecom bill payments
  • Utility bill payments

But with the cashback facilities, comes the condition of cashback:-

  • The maximum transaction amount is INR 750
  • Maximum cashback per transaction is INR 100
  • Maximum cashback in a month is INR 500

6. Standard Chartered Platinum Reward Credit Card

Another card on the fuel list is the Standard Chartered Platinum reward credit card.

Fee and Cashback

For using this card, we have to pay INR 250; but the card offers a 100% cashback on the restaurants within 90 days. This basically means that there is no entry fee for this card as it gets cancelled off.

Reward points

Also, we earn 5X reward points for every INR 150 we spend. There are some special offers as well:-

  • We earn 10% cashback on our Ola rides
  • We get 20%  on millennium hotels
  • We get 25% on food and movie tickets at INOX
  • We also get INR 2500 cashback on PAYTM flight bookings.

Shopping Credit Card

7. Kotak Mahindra Essentia Platinum Credit Card

Moving further, on the shopping list, comes the Kotak Mahindra Essentia Platinum credit card.

 Joining Fee and Offers

 The joining fee of this card is INR 1499. The moment we apply for this card, we get 2 Bookmyshow vouchers worth INR 400. By using this card, we save 10% on departmental grocery store spendings. Also, Essentia provides us with 10 saving points for every INR 100 we spend on departmental and grocery stores.

 Age Limit

The card applier should be 21 years old as per the card guidelines. The card is only available in places like Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata.

8. Amex Membership Rewards Card

Another card on this list is the Amex membership rewards card.

Joining Fee and Rewards

There is no joining fee i.e, it is free to join. The card welcomes the user with 4000 reward points. Amex also offers us health and car insurance.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, I would like to say that by changing the mode of a transaction from cash to credit cards, we are heading towards a bright and digital future. Keeping credit cards with ourselves is safer than keeping money in hand because of its high-security facility.

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