13 Best Personal Finance Books you Must Read

Books provide us with solutions to every problem. Problems can be of any type, whether it be related to finance or health. You will always find a book on that.

Ask yourself! How many books have you read to improve your finances?

Many of you will say “None”.

We read all kinds of books throughout our entire life. But we rarely learn about finances in our school.

Even in our colleges, we do not learn about money. Money is such a taboo topic in our society that we never want to talk about money.

We argue not having enough money. But we never discuss how to make more money.

We talk about jobs but we do not talk about personal finances, investing, taxes, financial freedom.

Here are my top 20 picks of best personal finance that you must read and learn about personal finance.

25 best Personal finance books

#1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

By Robert Kiyosaki

This book taught you about Asset and Liabilities. What are the assets and Liabilities? How Rich focuses on their asset column and everyone else focuses on their liabilities.

This is my first book on personal finance. This can be your first personal finance book.

Read this book first, if you haven’t read anything on personal finance yet.

#2. Richest Man in Babylon

By George Samuel Clason

This is the 2nd best book on personal finance. This is the shortest book on personal finance.

The most important lesson you can get from this book is PAY YOURSELF FIRST.

This is something you will hear and read everywhere. Pay yourself first means you pay yourself 10 % of your income before spending on anything else.

#3. Cashflow quadrant

By Robert Kiyosaki

This is the 2nd book in the Rich Dad series. The whole book talks about the 4 quadrants of income.

E For Employee

S For Self-employed or small business

These two are on the left side of the quadrant. People in these quadrants work for the money. They traded time for money. They are those who seek job security. They pay more money in Taxes.

B For Big business

I For Investors

These two are on the right side of the quadrant. People in these quadrants are the real rich. They use leverage to become rich. They either have people work for them or they have money work for them.

#4. The Millionaire Next Door

By Thomas J.Stanley

 This book will teach you that the rich are not those who have fancy cars and those who live a luxurious life. Most rich people of America do not ride roller rogue. You can find these people living most lives and driving Toyota. 

This book discusses seven common traits that show up in those who have accumulated wealth.

They do not believe in living luxurious lives. They like to live frugal living. The author calls them the truly wealthy.

#5. The secret of Millionaire Mind

By T. Harve Eker

This book will teach you how a rich person thinks. What are the traits that make a rich person rich and everyone else struggle financially? 

In part 1 of the book, the author describes the money blueprint. In this section, you will learn how we are conditioned about money from our childhood. How the rich think about money and how the poor think about money. It is one of the best personal finance books.

In part 2 of the book, there are wealth files. In this, there are seventeen rich people who think and act differently than the poor and middle class.

#6. I will teach you to be rich

By Remit Sethi

I will teach you to be rich has a 6-week personal finance program for young adults age 20-35 years old. Ramit covers how to save time on managing money.

His six weeks cover the myth of using a credit card and how to optimize your credit card. How to negotiate like an Indian. Beat the bank. Learn to invest your money. Conscious spending and automate your savings. 

Every month millions of visitor come to Remit Sethi’s websites @iwillteachyoutoberich

#7. The Total Money Makeover

By Dave Ramsey

This is the New York Times bestseller book. The major theme of the book is to control your finances, get out of debt, avoid using credit cards, and invest your money. You can control your money.

Winning at money is 80 percent behavior and 20 percent head knowledge. The first step of your financial success is to have your first 1000 dollars.

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#8. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

By Gary Keller

 This book is about how to create wealth in real estate. This is a honda to create true financial wealth in the real estate market. This does not get rich quick schemes and techniques. There is not any way to make quick financial wealth. Investing in real estate requires patience and perseverance.

#9. Learn to Earn

By Peter Lynch

It is an investing book. But the lesson taught in this book is very basic for personal finance. It is also very useful for you.

This book taught you how a student can save money for investing. And this book taught about the basics of investing that is very important for a beginner.

#10. Intelligent Investor

By Benjamin Graham

You are going to invest or want to invest in the stock market then you must read this book. This book is called the bible of value investing.

Two main ideas from this book.

1. Stock market is here to serve you, not to instruct you. Do not get influenced by market fluctuation.

2. Concept of the margin of safety. Never pay too much for any stock. If you pay too high for a good business, you will ultimately lose money.

Price is what you pay, value Is what you get.

#11. Think And Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

This book has made more than any book in history. This is all about your mind. If you believe you can do it, then only you can do it.

Everything starts with your mind. Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe, the Mind can Achieve.

The author Napoleon Hill is well known for this book. It took 25 years for Napoleon Hill to write this book. This book will deliver what it claims for.

#12.The-One Page Financial Plan

By Carl Richards

Creating a financial plan can be overwhelming sometimes. The one-page financial plan will help you find your financial goals and also help you make a better financial decision.

This book will help you make a simple actionable financial plan for yourself. The author himself is a Financial planner.

#13. The Millionaire Fastlane

By MJ DeMarco

The millionaire Fastlane talks about making money in a fast way. The author condemns following the mediocre way of living paycheck to paycheck and save 10% percent of your paycheck. And then investing in the stock market for the long term.  

This idea has become old and outdated, now it is time to become a millionaire on Fastlane and become rich quickly. The author says the idea of jobs, index funds, and long term investing can never make you rich young. If you want to be rich, you have to choose a different plan.

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