How to invest ₹10000: Beginner’s Guide

How to invest ₹10000: Beginner’s Guide

We all know that investing is very much important for anyone’s financial future. Your financial future very much depends on how you invest your money. Every Rupee you invest will be your slave to work for you. 

It’s not how much you invest, it’s whether you invest or not. but learning how to invest ₹10000 is the beginning point of your investing carrier.

₹10,000 can be small sums of money, but for beginners, it is a building block in your investment career. 

So, it’s important to know how you invest your small sums of money. If you know how to manage a small amount of money for yourself, then you will become more informed when you are rewarded with large sums of money. 

Now, let’s discuss how to invest ₹10,000 to make 100k. 

₹10,000 is a small amount of money. Investment with small amounts is different from large amounts of money. 

A small amount of money to invest indicates many things about you:

  • You may be students of investment, who are just starting out their career. 
  • You could be a beginner who just got a job and wants to invest their money. 
  • You are afraid of investing and just invest a little to check whether it works or not. 

Little money comes with many opportunities as an investor. 

  • You have high risk-taking capabilities. 
  • You will not regret it more if it is lost. 
  • Less money comes with an opportunity for more learning experience. 
  • You are young. You have more time than your father.

Note: As a young investor NEVER put your money into a bank or similar place which guarantees safety with a very small return. Banks will never make you rich. Banks and other financial services are built to make money for themselves, not for you. 

Where to invest your ₹10,000 

Invest for a higher return 

When we have little money we want to grow faster. You can grow your money faster by getting a high return on your investment. To get more return invest your money into the stock market. The stock market has given much more return than any other investment vehicle available. For a better return, you can invest your money in the stock market.

Open a Demat account with Zerodha to start investing in the stock market for higher returns.

Invest in your learning 

Investment is a long term process. The more you will learn the more you will earn. So, when money is less, focus more on earnings. 

Nowadays, information is available to everyone. Your job is to find the best information for yourself. You learn the basics of investing. For this, you can read books on Warren Buffett and other great investors. Here is the list of best investment books, you can choose from this list. 

Where not to invest your ₹ 10,000 

₹ 10,000 is not very much money. Do not park your money somewhere where you get a very low return. Do not put your money into a bank or in a Fix deposit. Definitely, you will get some return but this is not for you. The major disadvantage is that you will learn nothing by putting your money into banks. 

Those who have no desire to learn and earn more put their money in the bank. Banks are never for, they are for themselves only. 

Bottom Line 

When we have little money to invest, then it is our responsibility to invest first in learning and earning more money. Start investing at small age has its own advantages. Those who start investing early has benefited from the magic of compound interest. 

Keep learning and keep investing.

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