Zerodha Review 2021: First discount broker in India

Zerodha Review 2021: First discount broker in India

Best known for 

  • First discount broking  
  • Free delivery 
  • Easy trading platform
  • Kite Mobile app

Zerodha is no. 1 online discount broker in India. Where everyone is paying high brokerage charges, Zerodha comes with a new concept of discount broking in India. With the arrival of Zerodha in the market. India is investing in a new way. More people started investing and trading in the stock market. 

Now Zerodha has become the largest stockbroker in India. Zerodha has approximately 3 million+ customers.

You can start investing easily with a few simple clicks and your account will open. Click here to Open Zerodha Account.

What are Zerodha Account Opening Charges?

What are the brokerage Charges?

Equity Charges

Currency Charges

Commodities Charges

Features you will love 

Zerodha kite trading platform: Zerodha provides a great trading platform for buying and selling of stocks. Kite App is very user friendly. Buying and selling of stocks are easy on the Zerodha kite app.

Long-term holding is free: If you buy and hold stocks for more than 1 day then you do not have to pay any brokerage charges. When you hold stocks for long term investment then it is called delivery. Delivery charges are free with Zerodha.

How to Invest in Mutual funds through Zerodha

The coin offered by Zerodha is a mutual fund platform. Here you can buy mutual funds directly from Zerodha coin applications. 

Charges for investing in mutual funds with Zerodha. 

With Zerodha Coin, investing in a mutual fund is absolutely free. Buying the Fund you choose will charge some fee. This is called expanse ration. The expense ratio is the fee for managing your money. It can vary from  0.01% to 3%.

Zerodha Brokerage calculator

Zerodha provides you a brokerage calculator. With this, you can calculate your brokerage charges. If you are trading or investing, in both cases you will be able to calculate your charges. 

This brokerage calculator calculates every charge you have to pay while you buy and sell stocks. Charges like brokerage charges, STT charges, Exchange taxation charges, GST, SEBI charges, Stamp duty. 

In the end, you will get your net profit and losses. Click here to check your brokerage charges.

How to transfer funds to Zerodha account.

There are two methods to transfer funds to the Zerodha account. 

First is through UPI payment directly from your trading account. To transfer the fund you have just click on add fund in your Fund section. It will open a page for adding funds. 

The second method transfers through  IMPS/RTGS/NEFT.

In this method, you have to add a Zerodha account as a beneficiary with your bank. Then you can transfer money directly from your bank.

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Bottom Line

Zerodha is the best broker for beginners. Zerodha offers low account opening charges compared to other brokers in the market. For beginners, low brokerage charges are very helpful.

Customers choose alternate brokers other than Zerodha, you can go with Upstox, 5paisa, and angel broking.

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